G. Loomis Xperience

G Loomis Xperience
Even though it comes in as the most moderately priced fly fishing rod offered in the G. Loomis line (and that is saying something!) the Xperience series of fly rods deliver good quality and value.
Not all models of the Xperience are suited for trout fishing, in particular for all around trout fishing you should look at the following models of Xperience fly rods:
FR904-3 Xperience, FR963-3 Xperience, FR1025-4 Xperience, FR1084-4 Xperience, FR1085-4 Xperience.
These are medium to stiff action rods that are suited well for a beginner fly fisher that hasn't yet mastered casting yet on a fast action rod. Good as an all around rod where you don't need tremendously long casts or windy conditions.
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G Loomis Xperience Fly Rod 9’ 6# with reel

G Loomis Xperience Fly Rod 9’ 6# with reel


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