Ross Journey

The Ross Journey model of fly rods are a good inexpensive choice if you are just starting out and is tailored to the smaller size of kids learning the sport of fly fishing.
Because these are 4 weight, seven foot six inch rods with a medium-fast action they are better suited for casts where you do not need a very long distance or have to punch the line through heavy winds. Of course, since these are more for kids they probably aren't going to be learning in adverse conditions.
Since this is a no frills rod the reel seat is made from anodized aluminum. Sorry, no exotic wood reel seat.
Come in a bright blue or pink color, lifetime warranty and a nice carrying tube that matches the color of the rod blank.
You can also find the Journey available in an "outfit" all in one package that includes the rod, case and reel with backing, fly line and a leader. Also included is a DVD "A Kid's Guide to Fly Fishing."
On the outfit type of combinations, especially one at the moderate price you would do well to replace the included fly line with one of a higher quality.
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Ross Worldwide (Journey) Fly Rod 476-4 With Ross Reel & Divider Tube

Ross Worldwide (Journey) Fly Rod 476-4 With Ross Reel & Divider Tube


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